PXN Products Trouble shooting (FAQ) (2024)

1. PXN V9 Racing Wheel

How to Connect PXN-V9 to PS4

How to Connect PXN-V9 to Xbox One

How to Calibrate PXN V9 on PC

How to Calibrate and Custom Buttons for PXN V9

1. Can the PXN V9 work on American truck simulator?

Yes, our PXN-V9 can work on American truck simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Truck Life, German Truck Simulator, China Truck Simulator, CTS6-Tour China 2, Scania Truck Driving Simulator The Game, Snow Runner, Mud Runner 1-2, Bus Simulator 16/18, Fernbus Simulator, etc.

To shift gears, you need to step on the clutch. Or you can compare the game gear lever settings and the PXN-V9 assistant gear lever settings to see if they are consistent with the tutorial.

Confirm whether the steering wheel is switched to D-INPUT mode. Or you can compare the game gear lever settings and the gear lever settings in APP [V9 Tool] to see if they are consistent with the tutorial.

Why does it display pairing refused when connecting to [V9 Tool]?

Please confirm whether the original controller is turned off, and connect it when it is turned off. If not, please try to change the data cable.

Uninstall the [V9 Tool] app and reinstall it. After that, turn on the Bluetooth function and GPS positioning function of the mobile phone. Insert the steering wheel into the computer, open the [V9 Tool], give permission and authorization after a pop-up window, wait for a pop-up window that automatically adapts to the Bluetooth of the steering wheel, and click [Yes] to connect successfully.

Please confirm whether the connection sequence is correct. If not, it may affect the use of the gear shifter. The correct sequence is: ①connect the gear shifter or pedals to the V9 steering wheel first; ②plug the USB cable of the steering wheel into the console/PC. Then you can enter the game to check whether it can be normally used.

If you want to play racing games on PC, please change D-input mode to X-input mode. Refer to page 19 of the user manual in detail.

Yes, you can change to D-input mode, then enter the game setting to select the steering wheel and set the button function on the gear shifter in the game. Then you can use the V9 gear shifter in racing game.

If you are using it on PC, the steering wheel has 2 modes.The first time you plug in a PC, it is in X-input and the steering wheel is in controller mode. In this mode, the function of the brake and clutch is the same and can not be changed.You can long press the [MODE] button for 3 seconds to change it to D-input, and controller mode will change to steering wheel mode. In this mode, the brake and clutch functions are separable. (Note: some games can only be played in X-input mode.)In some console platforms, the clutch and brake are the same when the gear shifter is not being plugged in. This can not be changed by setting in games. You can try to plug in the gear shifter and enter the game again.

There is a connection tutorial of connecting PXN V900 to PS4, you can follow the tutorial to connect it again. If you still can't connect it according the tutorial, please try the following: 1. Unplug and plug again the USB cable to the console. 2. Make sure the original controller is turned off then connect it again. 3. Replace the data USB cable before connecting. (Make sure the USB cable is capable of transfering data.)

PXN V900 is not compatible with PS5. Our steering wheel can be compatible with PS3 / PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X&S / PC.

Please press [PROG] button for 3s and release it when the red indicator light flashes, then press [OPTION] button for 8s to restore the factory default settings.

2.PXN V900 Racing Wheel

How to Connect PXN-V900 to PS4

How to Connect PXN-V900 to Xbox One

PXN Products Trouble shooting (FAQ) (2024)
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