Sierra at Tahoe Lift Tickets - Best Discounts + Deals (2024)

Welcome to our guide to the best discounts on Sierra-at-Tahoe Lift Tickets. We love Sierra formany reasons which areoutlined below. If you haven’t experienced this little gem, you have no reason not to after you now have access to these great deals on Lake Tahoe Lift Tickets. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links. Enjoy! -Jonny

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18% – 35%Discount on Select Sierra Lift Tickets (Click For More Info)

Sierra at Tahoe is offering lift tickets at a discount for days it projects less people to be on the mountain. It is similar to the price variation in the airline industry based on demand. So, this means you get to ride on the best days, when nobody is there, at a discount!This deal definitely works in your favor, but the only catch is these tickets tendto be for sale on days where you might notbe available to go, hence the reason the mountain projects less people. So, check out their schedule of offerings tosee if anything works for you and save money all ski season long!Who knows, you might hit a midweek powder dayand have the mountain to yourself. This is also helpful for planning, as you can use their estimationof whichtimes will be lesscrowded to youradvantage.

15%Discount on Mid Week Lift Tickets
The Tahoe Card provides $10 off Sierra at Tahoe Lift Tickets during the week. It also provides discounts on many other Lake Tahoe ski resorts, so if you ski often it might just be a worthy investment for the winter. It also comes with a few free lift tickets to Kirkwood and some other resorts, and there are early-season discounts on your purchase of a Tahoe card. There are also some interestingofferings onski packagesand rentals on their website for those that have a card.

50%Discount on Mid Week Lift Tickets
Lastyear this Shell gas offer was awesome for those interested in Sierra at Tahoe Lift Tickets (it is also valid forNorthstar Lift Tickets). At half off, there is no excuse for not skiing or snowboarding at least one day, even if it means going midweek. The deal works like this: when you buy some gas at one of their stations, you get a voucher.Bring this voucherto the ski resort and you will get a buy one and get one free deal. Not bad! Although this does take a little effort and you might have to call in sick one day, half off is pretty good. So take off the next midweek powder day and enjoy an empty mountain at 50% off!


Ski Free After 5 Days
The Double Whammy Pass is a dual season pass for Sierra and Northstar, whichpays for itself after around five days of skiing/snowboarding. If yougo this route and like to ski weekends, we recommend getting a vertical plus add-on which helps you skip lift lines and get rewards like food coupons andotherrewardsfor each day you ski or snowboard. Or, you can also get a “Fast Pass” which gives you the same priority lift line access for your day tickets. This past is available allwinter long,however there are somegood discounts during theearly-season. The 5 day payoff period is an estimatebased on the regular season adultlift ticket rates, which vary based on whether or not you are vacationing during peak season or not.


Terrain: Average
Sierra is a small resort, compared to other resorts in Lake Tahoe,but if you know where to go you can find some great trails and some great backcountry. Where it lacks in length of runs, it excels when it comes to trees and powder stashes. If you like groomers, Sierra doeskeep good care of its corduroy runs on par with the rest of the resorts in Tahoe. Sierra currently has around 2000 vertical feet and 2000 acres of accessible terrain, which isn’t bad. For beginners there are over 100 acres ofbeginner-only terrain and four beginner-onlyconveyor lifts. This is a great combination for families or groups with a variety of skills.

Snow + Weather: Above Average
One of the bestassets of this resort is it’s natural protection from the wind. When other resorts in the area are blown out or on wind hold, Sierra is still running. This alsohelps the snow pack because the clouds tend to get stuck over the top of Sierra and dump powder. These are some of the reasons why Sierra gets ahealthy 450 inches of snowfall per year.

Terrain Parks: Excellent
Some of the best terrain parks on the south shore can be found here. In particular, Sierra at Tahoe has a great set of beginner parks with features accessible by those of all ages and skill levels. A series of innovative features can be foundacross their six terrain parks, which are usually maintained at a high level. This includes a 485 foot super pipe and a great half-pipe. The park designersare continually working to evolve the features each year, so be on the watch for some pleasant surprises.

Crowds: Average
Although Sierra does get busy at times, you won’t find the kind of crowds that you might see atSquaw Valley or comparable large resorts.However, onholidays and Saturdays we recommendfast-pass ticketswhichgive you access to a separate lift linethat tends to be faster.

Location:Above Average
Sierra is close tolodging in the the South Lake Tahoe and Placerville areas, and is a pretty quick drive up from the bay area or Sacramento. If you are staying in South Lake, it is not as close as Heavenly which has gondola access within walking distance to the major hotels in town. On stormy orcrowded days, Highway 50 can get backed up and the short drive can end up being much longer no matter where you are coming from. If you are staying near Sacramento or the Bay Area, the drive isquicker than to other Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts,which makes it convenient for a day trip.

Other Perks:
There are some great views of Lake Tahoe to be experienced here, which is a great perk since Sierra doesn’t havealocation as close tothelakeas someof the other resorts.Another great perk is that if you drive a hybrid here, you get free priority parking! When you combine all of what Sierra at Tahoe has with some of their great offers on discount lift tickets, it’s an easy choice to make when choosing your next vacation ski package.

If you want to ski or snowboard without having todrive afterwards, you will not find any ski in/ski out accommodations here. However, it is a short drive to South Lake Tahoe or Placerville. In addition since Sierra is a small resort there aren’t many restaurants or bars. If you’re looking for the experience of the larger resorts, check out Squaw Valley or Heavenlyfor all the amenities you can imagine. There are also some interesting Lake Tahoe interchangeable lift tickets offered at those locations.


Sierra at Tahoe Lift Tickets - Best Discounts + Deals (2024)
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