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beautiful start to the morning. yeah, it looks great out there. it's going to be nice to have some comfortable weather. and by comfortable we're saying low 90s for the warmer spots. but it's going to be much hotter over the next few days. and more traffic. but only one spot we're really worried about this is the caldecott tunnel eastbound. one of the bores is currently closed. an earlier crash left oil spilled there. that's counter commute, but there is slowing. all right, well, the today show is coming up next. but we continue today in the bay on roku, pluto and other streaming platforms live at 8:00. the new revelations coming to light on that fbi search of the oakland mayor's home. all right. well, that does it for us on today in the bay. thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your morning. the today show starts next. all righ hi there. good tuesday morning. the remnants of hurricane beryl

7:01 am

on the move. >> while millions across the country face another brutal heat wave. it is july 9th. this is "today." hammered. parts of the south cleaning up after a direct hit from beryl. the storm now pushing inland after causing deaths, damage and massive power outages. millions forced to go without air-conditioning during the hottest days of the year. with alerts stretching from california to the northeast. al is tracking it all and has your full forecast. breaking overnight. the white house releasing a letter from president biden's physician explaining multiple visits from a neurologist specializing in parkinson's disease after the press secretary refused to answer questions about it. >> i am not sharing confirming names from here. it is a security reason. i am not going to do that. >> what the letter reveals about the president's health as he fights to stay in the 2024 race, and the pivotal test facing mr. biden, hosting world leaders

7:02 am

today. scare in the air. a united flight forced to land without one of its tires after it fell off during takeoff. an inside look at the latest alarming incident involving one of its planes and the investigation now underway. in the courtroom. alec baldwin's trial under the fatal "rust" shooting. beginning with jury selection this morning. straight ahead, what to expect in the closely watched case and the key ruling already handed down in the actor's favor. those stories, plus buyer beware. a major retailer changing the rules for free shipping. so could the beloved perk be coming to an end and how you can get around it. >> want to save money? buy in bulk. >> what all shoppers need to know. and welcome to america. the very first look at those giant pandas in their new home at the san diego zoo. and let's just say they are as adorable as you'd expect. today, tuesday, july 9th.

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2024. ♪♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, good morning. good to see you. so happy you are with us on this tuesday morning. those pandas have been around since late june. but we finally got a look at them. >> yes. the paparazzi finally got their shot. aren't they adorable? >> we'll talk about those guys in just a little bit. >> yeah. let's get to our top story. extreme weather impacting nearly every part of this country this morning. the remnants of hurricane beryl now heading to the northeast after the storm left a path of destruction along the gulf coast. tens of millions facing new flood watches and even some possible tornado threats. in the meantime, that brutal heat wave showing no signs of letting up this morning. these high temps are taking a toll on power grids across the country.

7:04 am

and look at this, this is a drawbridge here in new york that became stuck open because of overheating. >> al will tell us what to expect today in just a moment. but, first, kathy park joins us from houston, texas, where the damage and death toll from beryl still rising. good morning, cath. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. that's right. the powerful winds and torrential downpours yesterday created a mess across texas. and the death toll from the storm has now climbed to seven. this morning many residents are waking up to a big clean-up ahead. we're told this massive tree fell down at some point yesterday, blocking off this entire roadway and with so many still without power, it could get down right dangerous with the heat continuing to build. this morning, texas is trying to recover after taking a direct hit from beryl, knocking out power to more than two million across the lone star state. a major concern in the nationwide heat wave. houston under a heat advisory

7:05 am

with a heat index today as high as 105. many trying to cope without power, cleaning up from the storm, which landed in texas monday morning as a category 1 hurricane. battering the coast with winds nearing 90 miles per hour. strong enough to destroy property on land and at sea. a destructive storm surge also flooding coastal communities. emergency crews rescuing dozens of people trapped by flood waters. powerful winds uprooting and shredding trees in louisiana, arkansas and texas like this one in jasper. >> just sounded like a train coming through. yeah, we could hear the trees falling. >> reporter: neighborhoods turned into rivers. major highways impassable. >> do you think the hurricane would be this bad in houston? >> no. i think it is a wake-up call. >> reporter: now that the storm has passed, a spirit of resilience as neighbors pitch in to clean up. now as the power issues continue

7:06 am

in brutal texas temps, the extreme heat impacting more than 135 million people coast to coast, breaking records across the country and even causing this bridge in the bronx to get stuck open after the steel expanded. and back here in houston, you this is one of the neighborhoods still without power. the main utility company here in houston say 1 million customers will have their power restored by end of day tomorrow. but keep in mind, it will stay in the 90s for much of the week. hoda? >> kathy park, thank you. let's turn to al roker. to find out where that storm is headed. hey, al. >> it is headed up the ohio river valley and into the northeast. right now, the remnants of beryl is moving northeast at 23 miles per hour. ahead of it, we've got tornadoes likely. this has been a very big tornado producer. we could see those tornadoes

7:07 am

stretching from louisville, indianapolis near cincinnati. this system rockets up and moves on into canada as we make our way into thursday morning. but along the system, we could see upwards of 8 inches of rain, and that's why we have a flood risk from st. louis and on into cleveland, albany, burlington and on into portland as we move on into tomorrow. and the heat. 139 million of us concentrated along the coast and some in texas as well where kathy park was just talking about the scorching temperatures. it will feel like near 100 in new york today. over 100 down in washington, d.c. and roanoke and nashville as well. and then the heat and humidity continue right on into friday. and out west, we don't get a break there either. we're talking triple digits. air temperatures, salem, oregon, fresno, palm springs, phoenix, 115 degrees. and look at this end of the ladder part of the week, triple digits from tucson to medford

7:08 am

back into salt lake, guys. no relief in sight for this heat and this wet weather from beryl will be a big problem into tomorrow. >> al, thank you. we'll ch >> al, thank you. we'll check back. we turn back to politics and surround the president and his re-election bid. overnight the white house doctor put out a letter seeking to clear up why his specialist in parkinson's disease has been to the white house in several times in recent months. this coming after a tense daily white house briefing yesterday that left unanswered questions about those visits and the president's health. nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this morning president biden is set to host dozens of world leaders for the start of nato summit right here in washington. allies who are privately expressing their fears about the increasing possibility former president donald trump could return to the white house. the president, for his part, is trying to slam the door on the democratic debate following last month's shaky debate performance, arguing we are done talking about it, in his words.

7:09 am

it is time to put trump in a bull's eye. and overnight with the president's permission, his doctor is addressing concerns about his health. overnight president biden's personal doctor confirming that a neurologist who specializes in parkinson's saw the president as part of his physical exams, the president's doctor saying in a letter that the neurologist, d. kevin kenard has exam anyoned president biden for each of his annual exams. adding the president has not seen an neurologist outside of his annual physical. all of it following a tense white house briefing. >> has the president been treated for parkinson's? no. is he being treated for parkinson's. no, he's not. is he taking medication for parkinson's no. >> reporter: the administration under pressure to explain why he visited the white house eight times in eight months, saying he held, quote, regular neurology clinics at the white house medical clinic in support of thousands of active duty military staff assigned there. it comes as president biden is

7:10 am

trying to put an end to the post-debate drama, calling in to msnbc's "morning joe" and issuing a challenge to those who say he should drop out. >> i'm getting so frustrated by -- any of these guys don't think i should run, run against me. announce for president. challenge me at the convention. >> reporter: the president late monday also calling into a meeting of the black caucus that's still supporting him like other key house democrats, including alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> joe biden is our nominee. he is not leaving this race. he is in this race, and i support him. >> reporter: so far 9 congressional democrats called on the president to leave the race. >> i think he should step aside. i think it's become clear that he's not the person to carry the democratic message. >> reporter: former@president trump telling sean hannity by phone, he believes president biden will stay in the race. >> he's got an ego and he doesn't want to quit. >> reporter: mr. trump adding he

7:11 am

expects to face vice president kamala harris if biden drops out and he may wait on his own vice presidential announcement as the democrats sort out their path forward. >> we wanted to see what they're doing, to be honest. >> reporter: and now back to that letter from the president's personal doctor. he reiterates during president biden's most recent neurological exam in february there were no findings consistent with any neurological disorder like a stroke, multiple sclerosis or parkinson's, savannah. >> peter, a big test for the president, a crucial moment hosting nato allies in washington. what do you expect from this summit? >> reporter: you're right. this is a crucial several days for the president where a lot of the focus will be on ukraine. at the nato meetings. but everything president biden himself says will be heavily scrutinized amid all his concerns about his age, his fitness. so does that make this another critical public test after that rough debate. also important for the president, reassuring those american allies, many of whom, as we said, are worried about a

7:12 am

second trump term. president biden will kick off the summit today and deliver remarks. then tomorrow he has a series of high-profile meetings. one of the most watched meetings this week will happen on thursday, two days from now, when president biden will hold his first solo news conference here in washington at the white house in exactly 20 months. savannah, this is a rare opportunity to demonstrate that he can handle a high-stakes, unscripted event. savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. also this morning, russia is responding to growing outrage over deadly daytime missile attacks yesterday, which nearly destroyed a children's hospital in kyiv. the kremlin denied it targeted civilians. saying it forces attacked defense industry targets and aviation bases. it was russia's heaviest bombardment of kyiv in months with parts of the children's hospital reduced to rubble.

7:13 am

ukraine president zelenskyy said the barrage caused debris to fall on some patients during surgery. officials say at least 31 people were killed in those attacks, more than 150 hurt. the u.n. condemned the action with a security council scheduling a meeting about the attacks today. 13 minutes after the hour. we have craig joining us. good morning. >> savannah, hoda, good morning. good morning to you as well. a new mechanical issue in the skies is making headlines once again this morning after a united airlines flight lost a tire during takeoff from l.a.x. tom costello covers aviation for us. tom, good morning to you. >> yeah. good morning, craig. so this is the second time in four months this happened. with a united plane. no injuries. at least one passenger we talked to tells us the united crew informed and prepared passengers well for a safe landing in denver. both united and the faa are looking into how that tire fell off the landing gear.

7:14 am

it happened in the air monday morning. >> 1001 we were just told a tire came off your aircraft. >> awe united airlines flight departing from l.a.x. losing a tire during takeoff. >> tire came off. we saw it rolling down the runway. >> reporter: the boeing 757 with 181 passengers and crew onboard continued to denver, its destination, landing safely. one of the passengers commending the united crew for preparing them for the landing. >> brace, brace, brace. brace, brace, brace. >> there was one bump, but it was a normal bump. and you didn't hear any brakes. you didn't hear any unusual screeches or noises. >> reporter: in a statement, united tells nbc news in part the wheel has been recovered in los angeles, and we are investigating what caused this event. it all comes just a few months after the faa increased

7:15 am

oversight and scrutiny of united's maintenance operations following a string of incidents on its jets, including a united flight headed to san francisco from sydney, forced to turn around mid flight after fluid was seen spewing out from the right landing gear. another united jet sliding off a wet runway in houston as it trained turning on to a taxi way. >> see the trucks en route. >> reporter: and there was also this march incident in san francisco. >> the last departure lost a wheel on departure, so we will have to shut the runway down. >> reporter: a united triple 7 headed to japan lost one of six tires from its main gear assembly as it took off. the tire landed in a parking lot, damaging several parked cars and the fence. fortunately passengers were often inconvenienced. all of the flights, including monday's landed safely. >> you know, machinery breaks even though you do your best to keep things up. i still consider flying in the u.s. to be a very safe thing.

7:16 am

>> by the way, this was one of eight tires on the primary landing gear on the 757. an important note here, while all of these incidents involved boeing planes, airlines are responsible for maintaining their planes. some of which can be 10, 15, 20 years old and even older, craig. >> that was out at l.a.x. let's talk about back here on the east coast, tom. we're hearing about yet another potential close call. what more can you stel us about this one? >> yeah. this was an american airlines regional jet coming in for a landing into syracuse. and the pilot heard the tower clearing another plane to take off from that same runway. so the pilot radioed the tower which then ordered the landing plane to go around. some ground video is also out there. we're watching it closely. >> all right. senior correspondent tom costello. tom, thank you. much more to get to including the exciting news from the san diego zoo this morning. we're getting our first look at the new pair of jiend pandas who just recently arrived there. you saw them there.

7:17 am

a male, almost 5, and this is -- there she is. a nearly 4-year-old female. they're the first pandas to arrive in the u.s. from china in 21 years. the zoo says they are still getting used to their new home, a little jet lag, but should be out in public for everyone to see in just a few weeks. >> you nailed those names. >> thank you. >> like it. let's get another check of the weather. mr. roker is back. >> all right, guys. as we look again, we have west coast heat. we've been talking about. we'll look at that in the next half hour as well. hot and humid in the east. again, flooding and stormy conditions through the ohio river valley. sunshine through the southwest. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. (man) that looks really high. (woman) it is high. whenever you're ready. (man) are there any snakes? (woman) nope. (man) are you sure? here we go! (vo) it's time to push your limits. (woman) you're doing great! (man) oh, is that a buffalo? (woman) babe, that's a cow.

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(vo) the subaru crosstrek wilderness. adventure on the edge. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, coming up, two high-profile cases in the spotlight this morning. we will break down a key court decision. as alec baldwin's trial gets under way today. and karen read's attorney speaking out about the mistrial in her case, raising concerns about the jury, the judge and the push to retry her now for murder.

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here's a look at our top stories. a newly released subpoena is shedding light on what now appears to be a federal grand jury investigation tied to oakland mayor sheng thao. that subpoena from u.s. attorneys is addressed to oakland city attorney and covers all city hall workers. it demands the handing over of all records tied to california waste solutions. a group called evolutionary homes and documents tied to the mayor's partner, andre jones. it also demands records tied to the development of former oakland army base. all this follows that fbi search last month of the mayor's home. the mayor has denied all allegations. she has not been charged. i'm ginger conejero saab. later today, leaders at valley water will consider an ordinance banning homeless encampments around creeks and waterways in the south bay. valley water says it is not looking to criminalize the unhoused, but it is looking to clean up encampment generated trash. now if passed. violations

7:28 am

could result into misdemeanor charges fines of up to $500 in jail time of up to 30 days. the ordinance goes up for a vote at 1:00 this afternoon. let's check our forecast for this tuesday morning with meteorologist kari hall and with city. today we are getting a break from the high heat. although some spots will still be warm. but we are going to have a nice little cooldown before it gets really hot tomorrow. take a look at today's highs and then tomorrow's highs. it's going to be much hotter for tomorrow. laura. all right. don't forget to join us for our today in the bay live streaming newscast at 8 a.m. it includes a new setback in the plan to provide affordable housing for farmworkers on the peninsula. join us on roku, amazon fire tv, and of course, and cbfr

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>> move it ♪ move it. oh! >> i don't understand why it's so difficult to confirm an appointment. >> i know. i'm so sorry, miranda. i actually did confirm last night. >> tell i'm not going approve that girl she sent me for the brazilian layout. i asked for clean, and she sent me tired. >> rsvp yes to the michael kors party. pick me up at 9:45 sharp. >> oh, man. >> so good. the devilishly good meryl streep in the beloved hit "the devil wears prada." coming up in "popstart," we're so excited, carson has some news about a possible sequel. prayers answered. amazing. >> can you imagine right now? indeed! of course, we have a lot to get to in this half hour, beginning with two high-profile cases we're closely following. >> yes. there's new fallout following the murder trial of karen read. meanwhile, alec baldwin's trial

7:32 am

over the shooting on "rust" is getting under way today. >> we have two reports. we'll start with the "rust" case. chloe melas is at the courthouse in new mexico. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. jury selection is set to begin in just a few hours as lawyers for the state and actor alec baldwin look to choose a jury for what is expected to be an eight-day trial. now we're learning more about the argument that both sides are expected to make. for the first time after alex baldwin arriving in court days before his criminal trial is set to begin. the actor facing an involuntary manslaughter charge over the fatal shooting halyna hutchins cinematographer, on the set of the film "rust" in 2021. on monday, the 66-year-old appeared unemotional, at times taking notes as his lawyers and new mexico lawyers define the scope of the trial. in a big win for baldwin's defense, the judge ruled that the actor's role as the producer on the film could not be brought up to the jury.

7:33 am

>> i'm having real difficulty with the state's position that they want to show that as a producer he didn't follow guidelines and, therefore, as an actor, mr. baldwin did all these things wrong, resulting in the death of halyna hutchins. >> by excluding that evidence, baldwin as the producer, baldwin, as the actor, is only responsible for what baldwin himself did when he handled the firearm. >> reporter: also excluded by the judge, portions of these videos obtained by investigators which prosecutors say show baldwin rushing crew members onset. >> one more, one more, one more. i forgot. right away. >> reporter: but the judge ruled in favor of the prosecution, by saying they can show autopsy photos of hutchens and video of moments after the fatal shooting. the stage is now nearly set for what is expected to be an eight-day trial. today's task at hand, selecting a jury of 12. if baldwin is found guilty, he could face up to 18 months in

7:34 am

jail. while it is still not known if he'll take the stand in his own defense, in the three years from the tragedy, baldwin hasn't shied away from speaking about the incident, giving multiple interviews in which he repeatedly denied any wrong doing. >> i would never point a gun and pull the trigger, never. >> reporter: legal experts say putting the actor turned defendant on the stand now could give prosecutors a chance to turn his own words against him. >> in all likelihood, baldwin will not testify. the risk is simply too great and it usually outweighs any benefits of putting the client on the stand. >> reporter: that jury will be made up of 12 people, plus an expected four alternates. jury selection should be wrapped up in a day and we are expecting opening statements tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, chloe, thank you very much. that's the alex baldwin trial. meanwhile, it's been one week since the highly publicized karen read trial. in massachusetts, the murder trial. that trial ending with a judge declaring a mistrial after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

7:35 am

this morning her attorneys are arguing jurors were actually on the same page about two of the charges against her. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with the latest on this. hey, steph, good morning. >> good morning. another interesting twist in this case. according to the court filing, read's attorneys say the jurors that reached out to their team were definitive in describing the results of the jury deliberations and apparently the second-degree murder charge against her was completely off the table. >> how long they keep trying, we will not stop fighting. >> reporter: this morning karen read's defense team is looking to have two charges against her thrown out, including second-degree murder in the death of her former police officer boyfriend. it comes one week after the high-profile case ended in a mistrial. >> some members of the jury firmly believe that the evidence surpasses the burden of proof. conversely, others find the evidence fails to meet this standard. >> reporter: according to a new court filing, read's attorneys claim they received unsolicited communications from three of the 12 deliberating jurors.

7:36 am

expressing the jury had a firm 12-0 agreement that read was not guilty of both the second-degree murder charge against her and leaving the scene of a collision, causing injury or death. according to the documents, a juror directly contacted one of read's attorneys after the mistrial and was emphatic that the second-degree murder was off the table with the jury. the high-stakes jury deliberations lasted five days, following the nine-week trial. prosecutors argued the 44-year-old read backed her suv into boyfriend and boston police officer john o'keefe in 2022 after a night of drinking, leaving him to die in the snow outside the home of a fellow police officer. >> the defendant drove her vehicle in reverse at 24.2 miles per hour for 62.5 feet. >> reporter: while the defense argued read was part of a cover-up by police. >> conflicts of interest, it doesn't matter. just look the other way. >> reporter: among the 74 witnesses that took the stand, the lead investigator who publicly admitted to sending

7:37 am

offensive texts about read during the investigation. >> the unprofessional and regrettable comments are something i'm not proud of. >> reporter: now massachusetts state police announcing he has been suspended without pay. the case, which gained a massive following on social media, had many online sleuths reacting to the court's latest filing. >> i know there is a lot of people that think she's guilty as sin, but that jury didn't. that jury spoke. >> reporter: the norfolk da's office is examining the motion of the defense team, in anticipation of filing a response, adding they look forward to picking a new trial date on july 22nd. the judge ordered the names of the jurors not to be released calling it a, quote, risk of immediate and irreparable injury. nbc news reached out to read's attorneys and michael procter for additional comment but we have not heard back, guys. >> steph, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, guys, a big

7:38 am

announcement from country music legend winona ryder. inside her plans for what she calls a milestone year. plus, we all love free shipping, but are the days numbered for that perk? brian cheung, don't tell us that's happening. >> well, they tell you nothing is ever really for free. but when it comes to getting free shipping, the rules are changing. on the threshold you have to hit to get that threshold. we'll tell you what retailer is making that change on the other side. >> can you hear us? winona judd, we knew that. >> som >> can you hear us? winona judge, we knew that. >> someone is remembering the '90s. oh great! does that mean more savings or something? you bet your bottom derler! your bottom what? dupixent helps people with asthma breathe better in as little as 2 weeks. and when you can breathe better, what isn't better? this is better. this is better. that's better.

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(woman) i'm so excited. i'm finally here in the city. what. (man) ahhhhh! (man) have you seen my ph- ahhh! (man) woah, woah, woah! (woman) no, no, no, no, no! (woman) great. (man) ughhh. (man) dude. (vo) you break it. we take it. trade in any phone. in any condition. guaranteed. and get a new iphone 15 with tons of storage, on us. (woman) oh yeah. (vo) only on verizon. we are back at 7:40 now with "today's consumer." the question, is free shipping as we know it coming to an end? >> let's hope not, but sam's club is becoming the latest retailer to up the threshold for that perk for certain members. it did not take long for customers to voice their frustrations. >> nbc's business correspondent brian cheung is here with a

7:42 am

closer look. hey, brian. >> good morning, hey, guys. a little buzz on social media on this one. sam's club is offering new perks as well, but this morning consumers who are already paying to belong to the club are unhappy the wholesaler is changing one of its major benefits. for some members of sam's club, retail wholesaler, the days of free shipping are numbered. starting august 19th, sam's club plus membership, a subscription that runs over $100 a year will will only qualify for free shipping on orders of $50 or more. the wholesaler facing backlash from customers online. one user writing, this will make it hard for me to keep my membership. while others say they may take their business to a competitor. sam's club says these are designed to simplify the experience in fees for same day delivery and shipping and also provide better access to the items our members buy the most.

7:43 am

>> a customer having to reach that threshold now really changes the game in a consumer's mind whether they're going to continue with sam's club or not. it would not surprise me if they lost some members over this. >> reporter: sam's club is just the latest retailer to increase free shipping minimums in recent years as companies are squeezed by high operating costs. in 2023, amazon increased their free shipping threshold by $10 for nonmembers. and they're not alone. 19% of retailers increased the average free shipping last year minimum, ranging from 5 to $200. >> want to save money? buy in bulk. >> reporter: the delivery controversy comes as young shoppers are flooding big box wholesalers like sam's club and costco. >> let's go bulk shopping together. >> reporter: sam's club says gen z shoppers are the fastest growing demographics at their stores. membership for shoppers 27 and younger increased 63% over the past few years. and gen z and millennials represent a quarter of club members.

7:44 am

>> i feel like you're not grown grown until you start shopping at stores. the younger generations attracted to the lower prices of food as high prices frustrate consumers of all ages. while prices may be cheaper, the costs could still be high. >> can you store all of that stuff in your house? can you eat all of that food? there can be a lot of waste if you are not shopping wisely. >> all right. so, brian, if you are worried about these extra -- not covering shipping, is there any way you could save on shipping? another way? >> patience could go a long way. if you are talking about bulk items, save it in your cart a little longer and reduce your trips, you could hit that $50 threshold easier. when you do hit that threshold, hopefully it will be faster. sam's club says, yes, it will be free same day delivery on those orders, which used to cost about $8. >> and free curbside pickups, too. >> every curb side pickup if you can pick up. >> what is it called, bopuis. >> buy online and pick up in store.

7:45 am

>> we're with you, brian. >> thank you. >> all right, mr. roker, what do you got? >> every time you say that, vicky nguyen gets her wings. very, very special. high pressure on both sides of the country. here in the east, hot air streaming up from the gulf. out west we have that second dome of hot pressure that's bringing up hot, dry air. so what we're looking at in the east, heat index with the humidity level will feel as hot as 108 in some spots. knoxville, tennessee. richmond, virginia. baltimore, new york city getting near 100. look into tomorrow. more of that triple digit heat index from philadelphia, norfolk, charlotte on into roanoke. out west, this is an intense blowtorch of heat. through friday, record highs from cheyenne, denver, seattle all the way down to lancaster. bakersfield and guess what? we are looking at these heat waves. they've had an eight-day heat wave in reading. sacramento 11 days. bakersfield 7. phoenix 7.

7:46 am

and it's nowhere near ending. hotter than average weather continuing into the weekend. triple digits for reading, for las vegas, for palm springs, phoenix as well and bakersfield. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happhappening in and that's your latest weather. guys? all right, buddy. just ahead, great news for football fans. kaylee hartung sitting down with some of the nfl's biggest stars in a different kind of spotlight with their new netflix series

7:47 am

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7:52 am

she's like, wait, what? sweet. >> hi, grandma. hi. bye. >> i got a better offer. >> there's papa. >> all right, guys. let's cue hoda's song of the summer. there it is. by the way, anybody that thinks this is a one-hit wonder is out of their mind. that's a. but this bar song just reached a major milestone. it is one of the major items i have for you coming up in "popstart". which we will get to. >> we just got into the song. >> it's like the 1960s broke out over there. >> we'll be back of your local news. response to the vaccine. the most common side effects are injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, and joint pain. arexvy is number one in rsv vaccine shots.

7:53 am

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7:56 am

and this dunkin' cold is just right. how long is she going to do this? the home with dunkin' is where you want to be. and i'm marcus washington. happening now, here's what we're working on for our upcoming 8 a.m. streaming newscast. i'm bob redell 13 teenage boys who

7:57 am

became stranded during a hike this weekend in the sierra because of the royal fire. they are back home safe with their families this morning. this weekend, the boys hiked the palisade tahoe trail in the sierra nevada, not far from the royal fire. sheriff's deputies swept the area to warn hikers of the fire danger around 8:00 sunday night. they found the boys cars parked at the trailhead, but no sign of the group. deputies mounted a search and rescue operation while the boys hiked an extra five miles to the other side of the fire, where the sheriff's helicopter spotted them early yesterday morning. glad they're safe. if you're here in the bay area, get ready for warming temperatures again. yeah, it's nice though, to have a break for us for today as we are enjoying sunshine and some cooler temperatures. we are seeing the fog over san francisco and a wide range in temperatures anywhere from 60s near the coast up to 104 in ukiah, and mostly 80s and low 90s inland. but the heat returns tomorrow with widespread triple digits, and we'll be tracking that for you. and make sure to

7:58 am

join us for our today in the bay live streaming newscast, starting in just minutes at 8 a.m. new details emerging and what is now believed to be a grand jury investigation surrounding oakland mayor sheng thao.oin us at nbcbayarea.c jom

7:59 am

8:00 am

it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on the move. remnants of hurricane beryl left

8:01 am

heading northeast after a severe storm left a path of destruction across texas. >> sounded like a train coming through. we could hear the trees falling. >> millions left without power as a dangerous heat wave impacts americans coast-to-coast. al has all of the details. and by the numbers and by the numbers. how important is your biological age and what does it say about your health? >> you're 67 chronologically. what is the range of results that you got when you got these tests? >> 66 to 25. >> 25? >> yes. love that test. >> we are putting it to the test. why the results may surprise you. plus, on the receiving end. we're sitting down with the nfl's top receivers. >> what was most important for you guys to want to show people? >> to show people, you know, who we really are because at the end of the day, we're normal humans. >> ahead of the new show giving a rare look into their lives on and off the field. a special sneak peek just ahead.

8:02 am

and that's not all. >> she's on her way. tell everyone. >> all right, everyone. gird your loins. >> it is the news we have all been waiting for, the "devil wears prada" sequel headed to the big screen. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> well, i think that depends on what you're -- >> no, no. that wasn't a question. >> everything we know coming up in "popstart" today tuesday, july 9th, 2024. ♪ >> it's our first time in new york. >> from raleigh, north carolina. >> good morning to our kids. >> in lebanon, missouri. >> from alabama. >> massachusetts. >> normal, illinois. >> and ellicott city, maryland. >> today i turn 70! ♪

8:03 am

>> here for my 16th. >> and my sister's birthday. >> from caramel, indiana. welcome back. we are so happy that you guys came out to see us this tuesday morning. it's a scorcher, but everyone is happy out there. we will head out in a little bit and say hello. >> smiling and sweating together. >> that's right. that's right. it is a busy, busy morning. let's get right to our news at 8:00, guys. the rem napts of hurricane beryl are on the move this morning, heading towards the northeast. millions of the south are dealing with the aftermath. neighbors working together to clean up from that storm. it is blamed for at least 7 deaths and dropped up to 15 inches of rain in texas yesterday. coastal flooding communities down there. beryl knocked out power to three million people in the middle of this massive heat wave. al is tracking that and the heat and where beryl is going. hey, al. good morning. >> good morning and good morning to all of you. we are watching beryl make its way to the north and east.

8:04 am

right now 30 miles an hour winds. these are the remnants moving northeast 23 miles per hour. we have flood watches right now for 25 million people from arkansas all the way up into michigan as this system makes its way to the north. we're looking to continue to weaken, but it will still bring a heck of a lot of rain today. from a. >> announcer: to arkansas to indiana. tomorrow it moves into the northeast, parts of new england. tropical downpours. we're talking rain fall amounts to detroit. as you get into the northeast, upwards of eight inches of rain in some places. temperatures, well, we got 136 million people under heat watches and advisories. we're looking at heat indexes, triple digits to the high 90s from boston all the way to nashville down into raleigh. that goes right on into the weekend. although temperatures do cool off into the east as we get into the weekend. look out west. we're talking, these are air temperatures. triple digits palm springs, phoenix, reno, salem, boise.

8:05 am

as we move into the weekend for those folks, we are talking about for all of you, temperatures will be triple digits from tucson all the way to medford right on into friday. guys? >> al, thank you. we turn now to politics. president biden and the turmoil surrounding his re-election campaign. overnight his doctor put out a letter attempting to clear up why a specialist in parkinson's disease has been to the white house several times in recent months. there are unanswered questions about the president's health this morning. nbc's chief correspondent and "weekend today" correspondent peter alexander joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. another task for the president today. set to host dozens of leaders for the start of the nato summit here in washington. this comes as the president is trying to slam the door on this post-debate drama among democrats, whether he should drop out of the race, arguing he's not going anywhere and his party cannot waste any more time being distracted, in his words. to your point, overnight, with the president's permission, his

8:06 am

personal doctor confirmed a neurologist who specializes in parkinson's saw the president as part of his annual exams. but he makes clear that president biden has not seen a neurologist at any other time. he reiterated during the president's most recent neurological exam in february, there were no findings consistent with any neurological disorder, including parkinson's disease. the president has at least for the moment, successfully stopped this effort to try to oust him with several top democrats, chuck schumer, alexandria ocasio-cortez, hakeem jeffries publicly sticking with him. former president trump on fox news overnight insisting that biden won't get out of this race because in the former president's words, his ego. and he may hold off on his own vp pick until the democrats sort out their path forward. savannah? >> all right, peter alexander, thank you. meanwhile, police in texas are investigating a massive theft at a baseball card show in suburban dallas over the weekend.

8:07 am

a baseball card dealer reported that someone stole $2 million worth of merchandise at the close of the show on sunday. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video showing while the victim was taking down his booth, someone distracted him as another man swiped the case behind him. that case included several 1952 mickey mantle cards and two jackie robinson rookie cards. the vendor is now offering a $70,000 reward. let's go to england now and the quarter final matches in wimbledon. they begin today. novak djokovic still in the contention after a straight-set win last night despite seemingly having the crowd against him. apparently the crowd was chanting his opponent's name throughout the match. but djokovic heard boo. and after the match, he took exception. >> all the people that have chosen to disrespect the player, in this case me, have a good night.

8:08 am

>> he heard boo. there is some baggage there on the wimbledon court with some of the fans. the first time in 24 years, by the way, that multiple american men have reached the quarterfinals at the all england club. taylor fritz joining tommy palm. on the women's side, surprise quarterfinalist emma navarro is the last american standing. >> i was just telling you about fritz. i stopped watching that match after the second set. that was a mistake. >> comeback for the ages. >> that was a mistake. >> wept to a fifth setter. coming up on "popstart" a movie lover dreams come true. what we're learning about a "devil's wear prada sequel." >> vicky nguyen decided to find out for our fountain of youth series. how old are you? >> you have to stay tuned to find out, craig. did you know that your chronological age, your age on paper could be different than

8:09 am

your biological age? your age of your cells. there are these at-home tests. coming up what you need to know before you spend your money. that's next right here on "today." (woman) you're doing great! (man) oh, is that a buffalo? (woman) babe, that's a cow. (vo) the subaru crosstrek wilderness. adventure on the edge. it's target circle week. ah? -what? what week? -circle. she's saying circle week. it's the biggest sale of the season! oh great! does that mean more savings or something? you bet your bottom derler! your bottom what? looking for a reason to try the new $5 meal deal at mcdonalds? here's one, two, three, four and the price makes 5.

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8:12 am

we're back at 8:11 with our special fountain of youth series. and a question, how old are you really? >> how dare you. >> a lot of companies are trying to help answer with tests that promise a cheek swab. a few drops of blood, you can be one step closer to finding out your true biological age. >> so how do they work? and what can you really do with those results? vicky nguyen is here with some answers. this is fascinating. >> it is interesting. these tests are everywhere. good morning to you at home. you know the saying age is just a number? the idea that your date of birth is just one marker of your age, but how you are actually aging buy logically on a cellular level could be different. these tests claim to give you the answers and then the products to help you live better and longer.

8:13 am

>> reporter: with a few drops of blood or some saliva, these companies say they'll detect your biological age, the age of your body's cells. >> take a sample, send it in. >> reporter: the billion dollar business of anti-ageing supplements and research is gaining popularity thanks to our obsession with remaining forever young. >> i am a modern day explorer searching for the fountain of youth. >> reporter: and it's getting more attention thanks to people like millionaire brian johnson, who says he's spending those millions in a quest to be 18 again. to find out my biological age, i took three tests. they measure dna bio markers. >> this one was real easy. >> reporter: and analyzing moll yules in the bloodstream. >> it's not fun. oh, it hurts. definitely hurts. >> reporter: prices range from $250 to $350 per test. weeks later, i had my results. according to one test, i was 42, three years younger than my real age.

8:14 am

another, 45 and 6 months, practically spot on. a third placed me at 49, four years older. what to make of it all? we asked dr. eric verdon on ageing where the motto is live better longer. what should i make of the results? how seriously should i take them? >> you should take them with a grain of salt. >> reporter: he has tried practically every test on the market. >> you're 67 chronologically. what is the range of results you got when you took these tests? >> well, 66 to 25. >> reporter: 25? >> yes. i love that test. it was a study just published showing that if you measure your clock at different times of the day over 24 hours, it changes by 5 years. >> reporter: then a curveball. we wanted to see if the tests were accurate without inputting the real age of the user. >> here we go. >> reporter: so our 33-year-old producer took the same three tests but said she was 50 years old. for our producer, one of the tests said her overall

8:15 am

biological age was 29, which is younger than your chronological age. good news. but then it said her systems ages for her brain 54 years old. 51 years old for the liver. what gives? >> we have seen these types of numbers in our studies. it just reflects the imperfection of the tool. >> reporter: the lead scientist behind that test says the results may have been skewed because the user's chronological age is factored in. >> it will influence the ages because it is one of the factors that's put into the algorithm. >> should this test be regarded as one and done or do you regard multiple times? >> iterative. you should take it multiple times. >> reporter: experts agree when you make lifestyle modifications, then retest. but the high cost puts these tests out of range for many. and that's before buying the supplements marketed to users promising to improve their health and slow ageing. >> some people might be

8:16 am

skeptical and think it's profit driven. what do you say to that? >> we think these products the supplements really work. so they're not just some sort of money grab. but we're committed to testing them in humans to make sure that that's really true. >> dr. vernon says supplements alone aren't the solution to slowing ageing. he recommends five things, social interaction. at least 25 minutes of walking a day. quality sleep. nutricius food, including 8 to 12 hours of fasting between dinner and your next meal. and lowering stress. >> most people assume that it's genetics. it turns out that latest studies show exactly the opposite. that the environment and your lifestyle is the major determinant of how well you age. so the power of this for me is that it's on you, it's on me, how well we are going to age. >> well there is good news. we can control some of that. we reached out totally health and gl-icon age. their tests are based on extensive research.

8:17 am

tally health said les than 12 months f 2% of their users reduced their age by two years. the test should not be used as a diagnostic tool. review the results with all your tests with the doctor and all three companies say their products are ready for the market and provide useful health information for consumers. so get all -- disclaimers out of the way. >> what did you think? all close to your own. >> close. i didn't like the one that said i was 49. but i thought it was interesting. it was hard to do the blood test. i'll tell you that. that's not one i think most consumers want to do multiple times. but the cheek swab is easy enough. the spit test is easy snuff. it's expensive to take it multiple times. >> for what? what are we doing this for? >> the fact that you give them your age. seems like you're giving the answer to the test. >> that's part of the reason we threw that curveball. wanted to see what happens. it is a factor and they need a baseline and used in their algorithms. it is interesting to know this information. for example, my liver, my

8:18 am

systems age was 54. >> weekend in vegas? >> hi liver was just on uncle al's smucker's jar. >> congratulations. it's your birthday. 101? >> you mentioned the cost of the test, the cost of the cost of t supplements as well. full disclosure, we take the alcium. >> who is we? >> you and carson. >> we're sentee yum silver. >> nice if kirkland made them. >> kirkland coming one a -- >> i hope so. we need it. i really rather die 75 happy than deal with any of this stuff and live to be 100. >> okay. what if you could die at 100 and be really healthy and happy. >> it's so much work. we're chasing age. we do so much to turn the clock back. >> i know. >> you have so much to live for. you have all those kids. >> yeah. they'll be fine. they'll be fine. >> let's go over to mr. roker. >> ageless. he is ageless. >> this is a longer discussion. >> yes. >> possibly over co*cktails. >> there's a sucker born every

8:19 am

minute you're doing that stuff. >> wow. >> come on. really. the only person getting healthy is their bank accounts. west record heat out west. we're looking at flooding and storms through the ohio river valley. hot and humid along the eastern sea board. that's what' s the door, check us out sirius channel 108. best start of the morning, "popstart." >> we will start with "the devil wears prada."

8:20 am

looks like emily blunt is getting ready to step back into these designer shoes. >> are you wearing those? >> the chanel boots? yeah, i am. >> you look good. >> what? >> shut up. >> you forget, that's gisele >> was it? yeah. act gt in that movie. well, not the chanel boots, but she might be getting back into that beloved bossy character. a "devil wears prada sequel" apparently in the works. the original film's screen writers in talks to write the story's next chapter. no word yet on any casting, but the plot will follow meryl streep's miranda preesly as she navigates the decline of traditional magazine publishing and goes head to head with emily blunt's character who is now a high-powered exec. >> that's good. >> we will have to keep our fingers crossed the whole gang can get back together. we're counting on you. in the meantime, vanessa

8:21 am

williams stars in the musical stage adaptation across the pond in london. "the devil wears prada". if you like to check that out. next up, winona judd is the music legend just announced she's celebrating four decades in country music with a series of anniversary shows and a very special place. >> i can't think of a better way to celebrate my 40 years of country music than to play in vegas, baby. join me for the greatest hits live at the venetian, december 11th, 13th and 14th. >> she is heading to vegas and the caption on instagram, mom and i played our very first show in 1984 which means i've been performing for 40 years. that's more than half of my life. how many hits can he fit into one show? let's find out. general sales for tickets go on sale this friday for that. that should be great. next up, melrose place. do you guys remember melrose place? >> oh, yeah. >> yesterday marked 32 years since this show exploded on primetime tv. >> amber.ot what it looks like.

8:22 am

>> amber. >> kimberly. >> it's worse. >> no! >> is that -- what? i don't remember that part. >> that's "melrose place"? >> late stage "melrose place". remember when fon si jumped the shark. with the explosives come in. i don't remember that. >> i don't remember that. >> that was the latter era. >> i don't know. this "pop start" items offers more questions than answers. what's happening here. now three of the series biggest stars are getting back together. this is why we have to listen to the podcast to get these answers. laura, daphne and courtney, the podcast promises to examine every hookup, every scandal, every blow-up scene, the

8:23 am

blackmail, spill all the secrets of the show and the massive succeed. >> there were all these expectations. so much press and then nothing happened. it was like eight nice kids trying to make it. and then heather came on. all of a sudden we had someone to play against. and then thomas' character, turned bad. i think we came very close to getting cancelled. and then all of this new energy came in and we weren't just nice kids trying to make it, there was all this conflict and drama, as you know the drama just took off. >> wow. >> macgyver was doing so well. started to blow things up. the first episoed of still the place is still now. a lot of people listen to that. next up, shaboozey marking a major milestone with this hit single ♪ oh my good lord, someone pour me a double shot of whiskey ♪ ♪ there's a party downtown near fifth street, everybody at the

8:24 am

bar get tipsy ♪ >> i got to say, i hope that the artist is getting a little something out of this moment. >> i thought it was jay kwan. >> yeah, because that's a sample of a hip hop song. >> they performed at the b.e.t. awards. >> he deserves something, something moment in time. >> that's the new number one song on the billboard chart. that pushed out morgan wallen. congratulations to shaboozey debut on the top ten. the singer celebrated the big moment writing never give up on your dreams. i love y'all. take a double shot of whiskey for me. >> we should have him. >> come on, shaboozey. lenny kravitz will end the "popstart." take a look at this video from

8:25 am

concert. ♪♪ recent concert. ♪ >> slow dance? >> what is happening? >> a lot of love. a lot of love. lenny just got out of the gym. that's his gym clothes. yeah. >> workout clothes. >> right to the stage. smart guy. let love rule was the quote there. that was captioned. that girl definitely loving that moment. >> really squeet. sweet. straight ahead, guys. two summery seafood recipes from the team behind new york's hottest italian restaurant. >> oh, yeah. >> but first your local news and weather.

8:26 am

8:27 am

8:28 am

8:29 am

8:30 am

introducing togo's new barbecue beef sandwich. it's piled high with tender beef that's slow cooked and smothered in tangy memphis style barbecue sauce. it's no fuss, no muss. just tons of flavor. the best barbecue beef is only a togo's. try one today. ♪ 8:30 now. snap, there goes a selfie.

8:31 am

it is a tuesday morning, 8:30 in the morning. lots of happy faces out here. that's carson daley. what are you doing over there, carson? he's rolling up his pant leg. >> showing his tattoo. >> all right, guys. we're so happy. coming up, who's ready for some football? you are? kaylee hartung sat down with the best receivers in the nfl. they're stars of a new netflix series "pulling back the curtain" on their careers and lyes off the field. kaylee, we're looking forward to your conversation. >> that looks like a great series, too. also ahead, the lifestyle expert jen is here with what to shop this week as walmart rolls out its biggest sales event of the season. all right. looking forward to that. plus, the husband-wife team behind two restaurants here in new york. they're here to share their secrets and recipes behind two of their beloved dishes. we got a delicious crab dip.

8:32 am

and oneover my favorites, pasta with clams. >> that sounds good. and then on our third hour, if you've been waiting to plan your next vacation, guess what? you are in luck. the winner of this year's travel and leisure world best awards. from city escapes to tropical vacations. one of them is a favorite of mr. melvin's. >> it is. it's been number one for a decade. >> al, we haven't yet complimented you on that outfit. >> thank you. it is from the johnny carson collection. >> you wear it well. got a check of the weather? >> let's look ahead. never too early to start thinking about the weekend. friday heavy rain along the eastern sea board. sizzling heat through the plains. building heat in the mid section of the country unfortunately. and that heat continues out west, but not quite as bad. record highs in the rockies. damp along the eastern sea board, gulf coast. then sunday, sunday, summer storms hang out through the southeast. cooler by the coast out west. still hot in the mid-section of the country out into the good tuesday morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. today

8:33 am

is our break from the excessive heat. we're looking at highs in the low 90s in the inland areas. but then look at what's ahead. it's going to be very hot with the peak of the heat hitting us on thursday with a lot of highs over 100 degrees, possibly a few up to 110 as we make it into the weekend, temperatures coming down into the mid to low 90s and then in san francisco and that is your latest weather. hoda? >> hey, al, who is this fun crew? where are you all from? >> louisiana! >> oh, yeah. >> you knew it. we have a 60th, 16th. lots of birthdays. coming up next, kaylee hartung gets a glimpse at the competitive and softer side of some of the best players in the nfl. she will take us behind the scenes of the stars of the new netflix series "receiver" but first this is "today" on nbc.

8:34 am

8:35 am

8:36 am

and welcome back. get ready, football fans, because the start of the nfl season is how many days away? do we know the count? it is right around the corner. training camp is getting set to start in two weeks. >> oh, wow. >> can't believe that. if you cannot wait, there is a new netflix show you can watch called "receiver." nbc's kaylee hartung sat down with its stars. hi, kaylee. >> hey, good morning, guys. this show will get you in football mode. so "receiver" follows the lives of five of the best receivers in the nfl throughout last season, from touchdown celebrations and injuries to their roles as dads, husbands, and sons. giving viewers really rare access to see what it takes to be at the top of their game. ♪ >> let's go! >> i'm like running back, kick returner, receiver. >> i do catch passes. i do score touchdowns. i get to do everything. >> reporter: on the field, they are the fiercest competitors. >> i never play to beat the

8:37 am

riches. i played because i loved the game. >> my benchmark is not wins and losses. it's greatness. ♪ >> reporter: but for now, justin jefferson, devonte adams, deebo samuel, george kitle and amon ra st. brown are teaming up as the stars of netflix latest dock cue series, "receiver." >> i can go with a superhero on the field. and then i can come home and be a superhero for my babies. >> reporter: you play in front of millions of people watching, but we don't get to see what happens behind the scenes until you allow us to. what was most important for you guys to want to show people? >> to show people, you know, who you really are. because at the end of the day, we're normal humans. >> this is my first injury to make me miss a game. i'm like, dog, i got to be out there on the field. >> reporter: cameras and mics capturing all the drama of the season on the field. >> beautiful!

8:38 am

>> reporter: like when the lions and 49ers battled it out for trip to the super bowl. >> a good pancake block to get the blood going. >> reporter: even giving the players themselves new insight. >> what they were saying on the sidelines, the things that they went through, their locker room talk at halftime, our locker room talk after the game. so it was tough to watch, but it was cool how they portrayed both sides of the ball. >> you get to see your family up in the stand and how they react to big plays. i never get to see that. >> let's go! come on. >> and off the field, a look at the unique support systems behind each of them. >> revealing their softer sides. >> give me kiss. >> how has becoming a dad impacting who you are as a football player? >> i feel like as soon as i had kids, it really taught me what patience was. it really happened at a crucial time. i was getting frustrated a lot. and not knowing how to deal with certain situations. i feel like just resorting back to how i would take care of that situation as a father. i feel like that helped me

8:39 am

mentally a lot. >> let's do a show of hands here. who is the most competitive? >> all of us. >> who has the most fun on the field? >> he do. >> probably george. >> who has the most swag? >> probably him. >> depending on what you need. everybody got their own swag. >> he's a showman. he got the dances and all of that. >> st. brown. >> who is the best blocker? >> this guy right here. >> george. >> who is going to be the first to win a super bowl? >> could have been them. >> could have been george. >> got there twice, though. >> i hope it's me first because i got the least amount of time on the back end. >> who is the best receiver in this group. >> crazy question. >> that's a crazy, insane question. >> that's a tough one. the way the game is today, it's pushing all of us to be the player that we are today. >> you look at receiver, look at how many yards he has, how many touchdowns, catches, whatever. but at the end of the day, we

8:40 am

know who the guys really are. >> and those are the guys. so deebo samuel wasn't able to join us but he and george kitle are teammating on the 49ers. the show out tomorrow follows them to the super bowl even showing how they were both fighting to play through injuries in that game. guys, you might recall, the last season of this series was on quarterbacks. now receivers. we asked the guys who they would like to see featured next. their votes defensive backs or line men. >> oh. >> yeah. i like that. >> i like that. >> line men is a better title. line men. >> defensive backs. >> dbs. >> yeah. >> all right. >> probably running backs. but any way. >> i love it. we're seeing more and more athletes behind the scenes with the families, what it takes. we saw it in golf on full swing for netflix. it's great to see this whole other side. >> everything that it takes. >> yeah. >> thank you, kaylee. >> thank you. up next, guys, it's a big week for discounts from some major retailers, including walmart. jen phallic has combed through

8:41 am

all the deals to tell you exactly what you should be opping for. but shfi

8:42 am

8:43 am

we are back with another edition of "what to shop" this week, focussing on the walmart deals. it's the largest ever? ever? >> yes. >> okay. largest ever. sharing some of the best, up to 89% off from fashion to accessories to this space-saving exercise that's easy to you know what to do, folks, to buy any of these items, scan that qr code at the bottom of your screen. welcome back. happy summer. >> you, too. let's do some shopping. >> let's do some shopping. these tee shirts, it looks like you could wear them with just about anything, anything in the closet. >> these are great. walmart has basic tee shirts. they're over 70% off, $11 each. great v-neck fit. they have tons of reviews that

8:44 am

rave about how soft they are. you have these options. there is other colors, too. there is a couple floral designs as well. but this is very on trend and has this nostalgic retro feel. just easy to wear. soft, lightweight. >> they're very soft. you maintain these totes are quite popular. and they're easily -- easy carry-ones for the essentials. >> they have pockets in here. the brand says that this is genuine leather. these are 76% off. this is michael kors. so you are getting a designer bag up to 70% off. these will start around $81. different colors to choose from. what i love there's something for your laptop, water bottle, your phone. everything is in arm's reach. and you have fun colors to choose from, too. it's a great staple. >> great choices. >> my wife would love these. she loves the hoop earrings. >> classic hoops are classic. stock up for gift giving. they never go out of style. ho here you're getting them for 15.99. 80% off.

8:45 am

you have three different options. and they've got sparkle and crystals. what i love about them is they have a latch back. some people have even said they're so comfortable that you can sleep in them because they don't poke you and they stay on really securely. >> okay. by the way, these are really cool, and there is a feature. i may do it wrong. there it is. i got it right. >> how cool is this. i never knew this was a thing. now i'm obsessed with these pots and pans. this is a 17-piece set of pots and pans and you get these universal lids. but the clincher here is the removable handle. you can take this, cook something in here. take it from the stove, pop it in the oven to keep it work, take it out of the oven, put it right on the table. you'll pop this guy off. this goes on any of them. any of these suddenly become a and then when you're done, if you have leftovers, pop one of the tops on and put it in your fridge. >> showing video how it works. good deal on this one? >> this is 64.99 for the entire set.

8:46 am

and that is 67% off. >> okay. >> not a bad deal. >> for someone like me who hates to be hot at night, especially. these are perfect. >> these are amazing. i hate being hot when i'm sleeping. flipping the pillow. these stay nice and cool. the brand says the bamboo material, so soft. great for your hair and your skin. it doesn't tug. always staying nice and cool. soft, easy to wash. so many colors to choose from. and what i also love is there's no hardware on these. it's like an envelope finish. you don't get snagged. easy to throw in the wash, throw it in the dryer. you're getting two for 8.99. >> two for 8.99. >> that's up to 89% off. >> i may grab some. >> not too shabby. >> roker has something similar to this in his dressing room but it's much larger. is this essentially a treadmill? >> it's a walking pad. goes up to 3.8 miles per hour. you won't get the same speed as the treadmill. great about this, pop it under your desk. get on. do a little walking. get my steps in. oh. let's see.

8:47 am

let's go. of course now it's not cooperating with me. speed it up. any way, if i knew how to use it correctly, if it was working for me -- >> you want me to check. >> give it a try. >> what's great, a, you can put it anywhere. also it has wheels on it. right now i'll hop off for one second. flip it up, take the wheels. wheel it under a bed or couch. get steps in, i was using this before. maybe i didn't turn it off. >> maybe there's no battery. >> it's great. you have the remote. great deal and you know, this is something that people use to multitask. >> simulate for you. >> we're walking. we're walking. we're walking. >> so, great deal on this. and you know, it's one of those things gets the creative juices going. are you having great ideas now that we're strolling. >> 140 bucks. >> 60% off. this is something you will be very happy with the cold winter months. get your steps in while getting the work done. >> again, find these deals, you can buy any of these items by scanning that qr code or do it

8:48 am

the old fashion way, just so you know, "today" does earn a commission from purchases through our links. i'm walking now to get my steps in because carson, we're about to eat. >> yeah. you need those steps. come on out. we have a great one here. the dynamic duo behind two very popular restaurants in new york. they'll give us a taste of the best dishes and the recipe so you can make them at

8:49 am

8:50 am

♪ our absolute favorite. welcome back this morning on "today food." the husband and wife team behind the city's best restaurants. an dry and scott opened up village in 2016. six years later, it gained a sister restaurant right up the street, known for its seafood dishes and handmade pastas. this morning we're getting a little taste of it all. angie and scott, good to see you. >> great to see you two. >> the restaurants are close. >> they're bhasically right next

8:51 am

door to each other, yeah. >> what was the point of opening up the second one, everything that you weren't doing in the first? >> exactly. >> basically, yeah. >> yeah. >> when it comes to seafood, i want to be cutting some salmon up. >> yeah. >> exactly. yeah. >> what are we doing today? we have a crab dish? >> yes. this is our crab dip. it's like a play on kind of like a retro crab dip, but we had -- couldn't help ourselves. >> where did you get that idea? >> so, mortadella is one of our favorite ingredients. my family had an italian american bakery and deli where i grew up in cleveland. very passionate about it in general. mortidella is made with warm spices and mace and black pepper corn and garlic and it kind of mimics the flavor of old bay seasoning. >> what do you have in there?

8:52 am

>> you have the mortidel lshs a. >> we proisz it first to get it slightly smooth. then we'll add it feta cheese, believe it or not. >> the worlds collide. >> correct. some mayonnaise. this is japanese mayonnaise. >> spirit of the olympics in paris on nbc. you have brought the rings together. thank you. >> a little bit of -- you can use yogurt or sour cream. >> got it. >> i think we're using sour cream today. >> yes. >> some lemon juice. >> we have our celebrity eaters down at the ore end. how is the crab mortidella dip? >> a little raw garlic. >> sugar to balance it out. and then old bay seasoning. in the restaurant we make our own old bay, we dry our own spices. but here we'll use the one from the store which is also amazing. that's it. you let it rip. and you can get it to whatever consistency you want. we like it kind of in between so it has some texture to it. but it's not totally, you know, not totally smooth. >> you haven't added the crab yet. >> no. so that's this.

8:53 am

then we have it over here in the bowl. and then what we do is we add scallion white, scallion greens sliced. some chopped dill. little lemon zest. >> okay. >> then crab. jumbo lump. then you just carefully kind of fold it in. you really don't want to break the crab up. the whole idea is you want those big chunks of crab in there. >> is this the thing that everybody orders when they come in, a must-have immediately? >> it's a popular one. we'll take a look at the menu. can we have some of the crab dip immediately. >> it's a good starter. >> we serve it with ritz crackers and a homemade hot pepper jelly in the restaurant. >> love it. >> let's slide down and get into the big boy. >> so good. >> one of the best things we haven't tasted in a long, long, long time. so good. >> thank you. >> you lost carson. >> go ahead. help yourself. >> so, another big thing at the restaurant is -- >> delicious. >> thank you.

8:54 am

>> another big thing at the restaurant is handmade pasta. we make several handmade pastas like don angie. this is a rift on clam pasta. start with garlic, some chili flake, dried oregano. in the restaurant we dry our own oregano, it's something my grandma did. >> how did you come one that pa pasta? >> so we make fresh handmade bousiati in the restaurant. it's like a different kind of textural -- >> looks like little strings. >> throwing in some scallion whites. >> wow. >> sure. we do that. >> this is -- >> say what it is. >> this is peruvian yellow. go in with clams and white wine, yeah.

8:55 am

so this is basically going to make our pan sauce here. >> how many clams would you buy in the market just to make a meal like this, a dozen? >> yeah. that will work. yeah, for sure. so usually we would let this kind of hang and steam in there. let the clams pop up. you know, time here, let out some of their liquid. >> cilantro. >> go in with this guy. add the pasta. >> has the pasta been cooked or half cooked? >> yeah. it's been mostly cooked. yeah. 99% of the way. >> all right. >> pad of butter. >> pad or two. don't be shy. >> it's summer. why not. >> we add a little parm. we don't follow rules. let that melt in. >> how is the pasta, guys? >> so good. >> i never seen this kind of pasta. >> you make hand make this pasta, right? >> yes, we do. >> delicious.

8:56 am

>> little scallion and cilantro. >> thank you guys so much. angie and scott, thank you. all these recipes if you want to give it a shot. you don't have to hand make the pastas. buy the stuff at the store and live the best you. we're back in the third and fourth hours of today after a quick check of your local news and weather. happy summer, guys. thank you.

8:57 am

good morning. it is 856 a marcus washington south bay leaders this morning are calling on the white house to bridge the gap on critical funding for bart's extension into san jose. preliminary work on the five mile underground tunnel has already begun. but vta says that another $6 billion is needed. this is to cover the cost to extend bard from berryessa station to san jose. san jose's diridon station, and then to santa clara. the final decision is expected on the federal funding by the end of the year. happening now. leaders including county supervisor cindy chavez and san jose mayor matt mahan are expected to attend today's news conference. it's scheduled to start at 11:00 at san jose's diridon statn at

8:58 am

8:59 am

9:00 am

this morning on the third hour of "today," the price you pay to buy in bulk

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